Here is the deal.

We are going to build for you a small one page website.  You will have a simple address that you will be able to put on your business cards, letterhead, front door, and integrated into your answering machine message. 

Homework for you.

We will come to your place or business, or if you "work out of your hat", we will meet at a mutually agreeable place to talk about what you want.  Logos?  If you have some, please bring them along.  Are there particular colors we should be focusing on?   Please let us know.  Are there some websites out there you like?  Why?  What is it about them that you like.  Then we will gather all this information together, and we will build you a single page website with your offerings and your contact information, as well as (if you are a place of business), and Google/Mapquest directions link.  We will host it for you for one year.

Larger than a one page website? Could you re-do our website?

Same as above, only we will pre-quote you.  Also we will recommend a hosting site for you based upon your specific needs.  We do not spend your money before you ask us to, and until you agree to the services.  Real Simple.